Video Tape Transfer to DVD VHS/ VHSC/ 8mm-Hi8-Digital 8/ Mini DV/ Betamax. Blue Ray and hard drive back ups. Movies are edited to have chapters for easy viewing.

VHS Tapes always wear out a little bit every time when we play them. Here’s how to care for them.

Tape degradation can be broken down into several categories: time, storage, handling and use.

Time: Over time the components of a video tape degrade. Most importantly the magnetic particles that contain the video data become unstable and their physical properties change.

Storage: The environment in which you store video can accelerate the degradation process. The magnetic particles respond to environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations, extreme temperature, humidity, pollution, and sunlight.

Handling: Poor handling can expedite degradation. Avoid dropping the tape or handling the tape. It is easy to transfer dust, dirt and, grease onto tapes.

Use: The quality of your tape deck is important. A misaligned deck can stretch/tear tape and pack tape poorly. A dirty deck can turn small debris into large scratches. Each time a tape is played friction occurs assisting in the degradation process

MOST importantly! Keep your VHS tapes away from speakers and magnets. You may demagnetize your tape that ruin the play back quality.

If you have tapes and reels to transfer. I recommend your doing your VHS tapes first.

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