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Easiest Color Management Setting  in Adobe Photoshop

It can be difficult to manage other peoples work to prepare for print when everyone’s experience level is unique. Maybe you have never even thought about color management because you don’t print, you post to the web. Or your default camera setting were in sRGB and you never thought to change them, the list can go on and on.

There are hundreds of cameras, scanners, printers, monitors, papers etc. There are 101 things to know and consider, and I am still learning every day because no two jobs are the same. I recently learned that PDF’s will have a different output when printed from Indesign instead of Photoshop, which I’m not thrilled about because I’m never in InDesign I’m a Photoshop Lady 100% .

There’s no way I could list it all now. But I thought maybe it would be helpful to post the easiest setting we can make so maybe one day we’ll all be on the same page, or same canvas I might say.