Hey guys, an old high school buddy just called, He still thinks I take photos, I don’t. So I’m throwing this post together to see if there’s anyone else I can recommend that has experience in this work. This is the information I have. Please e-mail me if you are interested info@livefreephotography.com I have to give him some names by the end of tomorrow. More info below….


“In regards to the photos. The product is a car cover. I am not looking for a full size car photo, but rather, close-ups of certain areas of it, and of its accessories. (see attached).

Pictures Needed:

Storage Bag
Lock Set
Antenna Patch
Close Up of inner and outer fabric
Close up of grommet area
Close up of seams
and I may tear up a portion to seperate the layers to hope have a photo of those. Maybe.

I just need the photos large, focused, and with white backgrounds (whether by photo box type stuff or photoshop).”


bag lock and patch grommet fabric

My questions to someone would be?

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