There’s a lot of jobs that come through the door, all of them special in their own way of course. Sometimes I have to get jobs out so quickly I don’t have time to take pictures or document how they are made. But this time I decide to make the time to snap a few photos to show what goes on behind the scenes before art work goes on the walls.

This job was brought to me by a client who keeps me on my toes. He always seems to have a new photography project rolling in, on top of his full time job at UNH.  He’s attention to details and professionally makes it a pleasure to work with him.

Take a look for yourself. Visit Chris Keeley’s website and Facebook page. Chris is available for hire from cooperate shots to weddings. Browse his landscape collections, find something that will look nice framed in your home.

Well, Here are the snap shots for Chris’s Project that included 5 canvas wraps and a fine art print framed. They are displayed in Richardson’s Ice Cream in Middleton, Massachusetts.

1492117_492263817557742_725031474_o“This was part of a yearlong project documenting the sights of this fantastic family-run farm. They have over 400 cows and a tremendous variety of incredible ice cream and farm fresh milk. Go check them out!!!” -CKP Facebook Post

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Nothing is better then seeing the finished project. Photo By Chris Keeley

Center map

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