How to Write an Essay on the Topic of My Dream Job

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How to Write an Essay on the Topic of My Dream Job

Everyone has a dream job relating to his or her current and future career endeavors. With this in mind, it is not uncommon for students to write essays on their preferred dream jobs. When writing an essay about your dream job, you should first come up with an effective title of your essay. Ensure that the topic relates to you dream job. Having identified the title, you essay should follow the conventional style of writing essays: introduction paragraph, body paragraph(s) and the conclusion. You may find useful materials at database with essays.

Start your introduction of your dream job essay with an appropriate introductory sentence. At the introduction you should capture your target reader’s attention by using carefully selected sentences. You should also outline the major themes that you will address in the body paragraphs. While doing so, ensure that you do not reveal much details as this will discourage the reader from reading the whole essay. Write your thesis statement as the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. Alternatively, you can also opt to write your thesis statement an introductory sentence of you introduction paragraph.

At the body of your essay, provide a detailed analysis of your dream job. Put each new idea at a different paragraph. Thus, the number of paragraph in the body should be consistent with the number of ideas that you want to address. Use the necessary topic sentences while introducing each new idea in its own paragraph. In addition, introduce supporting sentences to augment your ideas in each body paragraph.

The conclusion of you dream job essay should provide a summary of the key ideas discussed in the body paragraphs. You should restate your thesis as the introductory sentence of the conclusion paragraph. In case you have cited any materials in your essay, make sure you list them at the reference after the conclusion.


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